Endocrinology and Metabolism Office of Dr. Stephen M. Damiani

Diabetes Followup Visit

The key element of a successful follow-up visit for diabetes, whether Type I or II, is good record keeping, which equates to your logs! The minimum number of glucoses checked per day in this practice is two. Most patients check four to six times or more per day, which provides the basis for intensive insulin therapy, combination therapy, or treatment with oral agents alone. No matter which treatment is tailored for you, record keeping is critical!

Please always bring this information to your diabetes follow-up:

  • Your current medication list

  • Your daily logs

  • Your new labs or radiological studies (You will be asked about these before the visit commences, as we may help you locate these if needed)

  • New medical records

  • New personal or insurance information, which you can provide to the staff before or after the appointment

  • Prepare a list of new medications or supplies you may need, so we can expedite obtaining these for you

  • Prepare a list of questions you may have for the physician that these can be answered to your satisfaction

Preparation and organization are key elements of the successful diabetes follow-up!

A sample glucose meter log is provided for you below. Simply click on it, copy it to your browser, and then you can enlarge and print multiple pages.